No Pesos Garage was founded in 2012 Pori metropolia area in Finland as a group of vintage car enthusiasts and automobilia aficionados powered by gasoline and coffee. Originally a small group of locals, we have now lots of members and fans throughout the West Coast of Finland.

Our goal is to get people interested in classic or modified cars, bikes or boats, and help out those that already have them. No Pesos Garage is a vehicle community with common interest of participation and enjoyment with friends and family.  We ourselves are riders and drivers, fans and fixers, collectors and racers. Our garages are full of ideas, lots of passion, little money and almost unlimited amounts of coffee.

We meet either at our humble garage nights or locally in San Satakunta County every other month for a Saturday Coffee and Pitstop Car Show at one of several local establishments. Check our contribution to Interwebs at Latest page or Events page for the next Pitstop, and feel free to stop by if you’re in the area.

Let’s build your and our dreams and as always take it easy, ride safe and thank you for visiting!