Last day at the river of summer 2019

While driving back from city center there’s a river to cross. One glanse from the bridge to the river and it was packed. Weather forecast predicted a last hot day and it seemed like everyone were soaking up last rays of sunshine. It wasn’t a hard decision to go boating. After hooking the trailer up to Jeep YJ we headed back to the boat ramp to launch the boat and have some good family time at the river.


Everywhere this boat goes it gathers always a few interested people around it. These things are not supposed to be under the radar.


Little engine warming. There’s a 320 ponies in that Ford 460 Big Block. Tunnel ram is a must have on a boat like this. And headers of course.



How you can’t enjoy this view?



Engine at proper working temperature it was time to do some boating



Thanks for reading, sail safe!


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