Shop Truck C10

Kinda old, at least old-fashioned, dingy and falling apart. But still going strong as hell. And truck is fine too as I was talking about myself. But let’s get back to the truck. This fine Chevy has some issues, it’s rusty and dented. Frame is solid, but body has some speed holes here and there. Well ventilated cab floors. Paint has some scrapes, it leaks coolant, and every oil that there is known to men, even power steering leaks. Brake fluid is only thing that this truck does not leak. Yet. Not leak but listen to this. Front lines were so clogged that one time right front tire stopped turning as the pressure was going only at one direction. Like I said. Some minor issues, nothing that some elbow grease and bit of garage time won’t fix. Gas disappears rapidly in to the depths of the Mighty Holley carburettor and turns it to loud roar of clamor. Lovely 350 cubic inches of Oldsmobile noise through stereo pipes.

It’s a daily driver. More closely a daily household maintenance and stuff hauler truck. As use it when needed type of vehicle. Or a grocery getter. Monday cruiser. Favourite child has many names.

So, 1980 Chevrolet C10 Scottsdale, with some options. Going to be a nice mild Hot Rod. Factory Special, period correct. Budget build as almost all No Pesos Garage vehicles. Its used to be a diesel truck, but somewhere along the road something strange happened, Hot Rodding magic as I may say and now it has firebreathing -78 Oldsmobile gasoline motor under the hood. Guess that there was Olds block just lying around in the corner and waiting to be in this fine automobile. Don’t know if it still has OEM gearbox or rear end. I’ll have to check, as the winter passes. New power source has been notified by official vehicle papers, which is fine if you are into such a thing.

Follow along as the build continues. It’s going to be my dream truck build. Up to next is to take a deeper look at the power barn. It at least needs new water pump and while we are down there I’ll see in my head some gold block paint, hmmm. Ultimate goal is to get this Shop Truck little more tidyer condition and all exterior rust gone. It’s not going to be a frame off restoration by all means. Just a little something to preserve it to make it last at least my lifetime. So when I retire to upstate country ranch I want to be able to drive this fine truck back to nearest shore town post office to get some vintage speed parts for other Hot Rod builds.

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